‘Sugar Dance’ – The ‘hidden dancers’ that make your event. Self-shot
‘Sugar Dance’ – The ‘hidden dancers’ that make your event. Self-shot

Hidden Dancers for Events: Add good energy and vibes to the party

Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, circumcisions social and birthday events, at each of these events, the celebrants are undoubtedly the center, but so are their memories and the guest, because they were part of a good party where the dance floor was full of good energy, dancing and lots of fun

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‘Sugar Dance’ –  Concept of ‘hidden dancers’ – a professional team of dancers, mastering a number of styles, connecting with the event’s participants by “enriching and uplift the events atmosphere ”.

The Perfect Attraction for a Memorable Event

Were you recently invited to a memorable event  in which you were surprised by the enthusiastic dancers who made you step out of the comfort zone and be part of the party? There is a chance that these are new generation dancers, so-called BOOSTER dancers, or their professional names – ‘Sugar Dance’ – The dancers that make your event enriching and unforgettable

‘Sugar Dance’ – The ‘hidden dancers’ that make your event. Self-shot

‘Sugar Dance’ – The ‘hidden dancers’ that make your event. Self-shot

 Booster dancers – Get our groove going on

If you desire to make the events successful, exciting, riveting, and unique, there is no doubt you need to address the dance floor. Even after years to come, the most memorable aspects of the event will be the energy on the dance floor and the experiences it will bring.

‘Hidden Dancers’ are not necessarily undercover, people can be aware they are there, but with a few guiding principles to the ‘hidden’ philosophy. The dancers blend in the crowd as an integral part of the guests and elevate the event intelligently and creatively, without overpowering it. Their joy is contagious and makes others join in on the action.

Avi Sukar, the owner and manager of ‘Sugar Dance’ Company, came from the world of professional dance. He has been teaching Latin and Ballroom dance, participated in numerous festivals, took part in the national  contest and gave respected performances in contemporary dance ensembles. Concerning the need that gave birth to the ‘hidden dancers’ model for events around the world, he says: “From my own experience,  in order to empower the event and make it exciting, it’s necessary to ‘’glue’’ the energy of the guests on the dance floor, get into their hearts and incorporate them in the dance experience. To make them feel a part of the event. Occasionally the dancers have to step out of the dance floor, reach out to the guest, and sweep them in away with a smile’’.

Avi Sukar. Self Shot

Avi Sukar. Self Shot

What does it demand from your staff?

“They must be super charismatic  with a powerful presence and influence that made the guests follow them to the dance floor. There needs to be guidance and assertiveness, while simultaneously, sensitivity and a capacity for holding the space. You have to know how to “read the mood of the party” quickly and act with each one according to their character. There are people who will be enthusiastic if the dancer will approach them at the table with a smile and presence, reach their hand to them and attract them to join to the dance floor. On the contrary, there are those who will be intimidated by it.’’

“The dancers are required to quickly: analyze situations, understand, read the guest  accordingly and act in alignment with it. Therefore, my team is professional and experienced in these aspects and has been selected carefully based on their interpersonal skill set and not only due to their dance credentials. The dancers came to the party with energy  and an endless joy that infects the guests”, Sukar points out.

Why does the hidden dancers model  became a global phenomenon?

“The dance floor is the heart of the event even when not everyone feels it or notices. Our goal is to get the guest to the dance floor using the up lifting energy and keep them there as long as possible. Many people would like to dance at events, but they don’t want to be the first ones on the dance floor. The hidden dancers are the first to dance, and because they are a natural part of the event, people tend to join them rather fast.”

How do the dancers remain hidden?

“In some cases, the event’s host asks the dancers to be truly hidden, so we “fabricate” a cover story for the dancers. For example, friends of the groom from the army and college,  friends of the bride from school or previous jobs and so on. However during the party the dancers shouldn’t stand out, dress unusual or different than the rest of the guests, and definitely shouldn’t steal the show. Instead, they are there to enhance the enjoyment of the guests”.

‘Sugar Dance’ – up lifting energy. Self-shot

‘Sugar Dance’ – up lifting energy. Self-shot

What other types of events do you participate?

“On top of our many national productions, we’ve been flown to participate in Jewish events in Istanbul and London and today we’re in contact with the U.S as well. In 2018, during Sukkot holiday, we were elected to come to the president’s home and perform at an open event for the entirety of the Israeli citizens.”

“Some occasions as the Jewish tradition , such as bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs carry a special meaning for the families coming from abroad. Whether it’s from England, U.S.A or Canada, the families choose to have the events in Israel, where the dancers play an integral role in the festivities by making the dance floor active and full. For example: at Bar/Bat mitzvahs, it’s even more challenging because there, the dancers have to apply a special charisma, blending the adults with the children – making them dance together and experience the family atmosphere.”

“Many companies invest a lot of money into their events and it’s instrumental for them that the employees will enjoy and bond at the event. Therefore, they invite us to create a connection on the dance floor. We deliver a memorable bonding experience. We exist to make each moment at the event a memorable one, and have the dance floor full and exciting, releasing you and your mind from all worries”, sums up Sukar.

Sugar Dance – Hidden Dancers for Events

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hidden dancers model - a global phenomenon. Self-shot

hidden dancers model – a global phenomenon. Self-shot

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